How to Use FFIEC CAT and Digital Guardian to Improve Your Security Posture

Get this white paper to learn about the FFIEC CAT, a useful tool to help Financial Services organizations assess and manage risk to their sensitive data, and to guide continuous improvements in an information security program.

The FFIEC CAT is designed to enable financial institutions to understand the cyber security risks they face based on their size and structure, as well as assess their preparedness for attacks.

While there is no formal requirement that financial services firms use the FFIEC CAT, many auditors or examiners are now using it as their primary vehicle to assess a firm’s cybersecurity posture.

What's Inside:

• An overview of the FFIEC CAT

• How to use the CAT to identify areas of risk and levels of cybersecurity maturity

• How Digital Guardian's Data Protection Platform can help reduce risks identified by the CAT, and improve security maturity

• Weigh and compare vendors’ responses to help support your decision