What's Inside:

  • Why companies struggle to scale their DLP program
  • The 4 primary ways that UEBA improves upon traditional DLP
  • How Digital Guardian's DLP with built-in UEBA capabilities can help you monitor, prioritize, and prevent insider threats

Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) is a proven solution for data security, privacy compliance, protecting against insider threat. But as data protection needs have evolved, and your organization’s volume of data continues to expand, incorporating UEBA capabilities within DLP can significantly improve the efficiency of your DLP program, enabling you to scale it across the enterprise.

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What's Inside:

• 3 most common DLP use cases in healthcare systems

• 7 trends driving the adoption of DLP in healthcare

• How DLP can help you meet more stringent HIPAA enforcement

• Why ransomware infections are reportable under HIPAA

• A 4 stage DLP deployment road map

• How to make the case for DLP to a hospital board

• A proven PHI protection framework