Webinar Transcript

Customer Spotlight: Data Visibility, IP Protection and Business Adoption in less than 120 Days

When John Graham joined Jabil as CISO in 2013, he discovered that as a result of the company’s fast growth, Jabil lacked some important processes. John believed that security could be a competitive advantage for Jabil. With the goal of accelerating Jabil’s security maturity in months instead of years, he knew he would need outside help. So he turned to Digital Guardian’s Managed Security Program.

What’s Inside

  • Read how Jabil gained visibility into data access and usage across business units in less than four months
  • Discover a dramatically more efficient data classification “organic” approach that resulted in business unit leader adoption and collaboration
  • Improve your ability to detect cyber attacks
  • Learn how Jabil developed the foundation for security as a competitive advantage

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