Why Data Classification Should Drive Your Security Strategy

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Tony Themelis

VP, Product Management

Digital Guardian

Bill Bradley

Director of Product


Digital Guardian

If you haven’t identified what data is sensitive, where it resides and how it’s being used, how can you protect your data? Before any of that happens you need to find the data. Data Discovery and Classification are making a resurgence; analysts including those from Forrester and Gartner are calling Discovery and Classification “foundational” to data security strategy, but how do you make them work in your organization?

Join Tony Themelis from Digital Guardian as he shares advice from his experience planning and integrating effective data classification programs. From compliance focused to intellectual property focused, Tony has helped to find, classify, and protect data.

Watch this webinar to learn:

• Why discovery and classification are so tightly aligned

•Why classification is being called a foundational element to data security

• The types of classification available and how to best prioritize

• How to integrate discovery and classification into your data protection program