How a Renowned Healthcare Institution Shares Patient Data in the Cloud - Securely

On Demand - April 28, 2016

A world renowned healthcare institution envisioned using the cloud to deliver better patient care. Their goal was to use the cloud to dramatically improve the sharing of patient information across their multiple campuses and with their associates around the world. But they needed to figure out how to accomplish this and remain HIPAA compliant.

Join Mark Menke, Principal Architect at Digital Guardian as he explains this leading institution's:

  • Vision of "enabling care providers and researchers to share information across settings, sites and devices" using Box
  • Cloud data protection challenges
  • Decision to choose cloud data protection instead of a Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Implementation methodology and lessons learned
  • Use cases and results

If you're evaluating cloud storage for care provider collaboration, you'll want to view this webinar.

Mark Menke
Principal Architect at Digital Guardian

Brian Mullins
VP of Content and Product Marketing at Digital Guardian

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