The expanding threat landscape combined with the explosive growth of data means the stakes are higher for infosec analysts and security leaders. Whether externally based threats or insiders, you must hone your data protection skills.

DLP is a proven solution to stop data loss, join Digital Guardian as we highlight how best to protect your sensitive data. Our experts will demonstrate techniques to get the most out of your DLP program.

Watch this webcast series to learn:

  • Tips to make Data Loss Prevention an integral part of your business strategy
  • Why leveraging EDR techniques makes your DLP program more effective
  • How to effectively protect data in the work from anywhere world

Meet Our Speakers

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Meet Our Three Speakers

How to Apply EDR techniques for more effective DLP with Justin Bortnick

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) has traditionally been used to combat externally based threats, but what if you could apply the techniques to your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution and combat all threats?

Justin, VP of Sales Engineering, will show you how understanding EDR methodologies and including them in your DLP program will help you be more effective at protecting sensitive data.

Finding and protecting your data in your remote worker’s world with David Mole

Even if the perimeter defenses weren’t perfect, your data was inside them, now with so many employees working remote there is no perimeter. How do you defend data when you don’t even know where it is or what’s out there?

Join David, Strategic Technical Manager, as he demonstrates how to locate the pools of sensitive data throughout your organization, no matter where your employees are. Once you’ve found it, he’ll show you how to protect it all from loss or theft.

Using SOAR Tools to Accelerate and Automate Data Security with Chris Saucier

One of the biggest challenges for infosec analysts and leaders is being able to respond to the most serious threats before data loss or theft. Security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions lets infosec teams integrate and automate responses.

Join Chris, DG SE, for a demonstration of how SOAR tools can retrieve incidents and automate response actions. With reaction faster than any human could, SOAR will reduce risk and increase efficiency.