Series Dates: April 21st, May 5th, & May 12th

Information security programs must constantly evolve to stay effective. That means you need to have the processes in place to change your security stack without exposing big gaps or disrupting the business.

Join Digital Guardian as we provide guidance on:

  • Best practices when migrating to new security platforms and delivery models.
  • How and why to upgrade your DLP platform and program.
  • How our proven DLP migration process can help you replace Symantec or Forcepoint DLP faster than you thought possible.

Meet Our Speakers

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Meet Our Three Speakers

Learn How to Migrate to Digital Guardian Today with Justin Bortnick

1:00 PM ET May 12 (Wednesday)

Digital Guardian was founded to stop data loss, our initial solution targeted IP theft, since then we’ve helped global businesses protect their IP and demonstrate compliance. Switching DLP vendors can be a daunting prospect. We’ve tailored a program to alleviate that concern and get you on the Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform quickly.

Justin Bortnick, Vice President of Sales Engineering, will show you our proven 5-step migration program. Starting with understanding your goals and ending with a mutually agreed upon data protection program. He’ll also show, in real-time, just how quickly he can get your organization on Digital Guardian.

How to Switch to a Better DLP with Tom Stringer

1:00 PM ET May 5 (Wednesday)

You’ve invested in a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) program, to be effective it must be well aligned with your business. How easily can your DLP support business initiatives without excess complexity?

Tom Stringer, Director of Field Engineering, spends his time learning about the data protection challenges information security teams face today and helping them find creative ways to solve them. Join him as he talks about how to upgrade your DLP to one that matches your data protection needs for today and can grow with you as your needs inevitably change.

Migrate to New Enterprise Security Solutions the Right Way with Tim Bandos

Recorded on April 21, 2021

Your role is to develop and oversee the execution of the company’s entire information security strategy across all functional areas from prevention to response with a dose of compliance thrown in. To do that you rely of a host of security solutions, but what happens when you have an underperforming solution, or your business model evolves? You need a process to make a change and fix that gap before an issue arises.

Join Tim Bandos, CISO, Digital Guardian, as he talks about the strategic implications you must consider when making changes to security platforms and delivery models.