2018 Verizon PHI Data Breach Report - Understand Your Cybersecurity Threats

Thursday, May 3, 2018


Suzanne Widup

Senior Analyst, Verizon RISK Team

Chris Leffel

VP of Product


Digital Guardian

In the new Verizon Protected Health Information Data Breach Report (PHIDBR), Verizon security experts studied over 1,300 PHI data security incidents to create a detailed analysis of the real-world threats healthcare organization face today. By gaining a better understanding of the threat actors, their motives and their tactics, you can better focus your resources to more effectively mitigate those threats.

Join Suzanne Widup, a senior analyst in Verizon’s Security Research Team, for an on demand webinar to see the key findings of the report.

Watch this webinar to learn:

• The key findings from the report – including how the biggest risk of data breach is now inside your organization

• The top three quick win improvements that would directly address the most common threat actions highlighted in the report

• The longer-term, strategic security recommendations that will improve your security posture without impacting care providers ability to make timely and proper point-of-care decisions